Zakir Khan: Haq Se Single (2017)

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Zakir Khan Haq Se Single

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Zakir Khan Haq Se Single Lead Cast : Zakir Khan

Director: Angshuman Ghosh

Zakir Khan Haq Se Single

“Teri Bewafai Ke Angaron Me Lipti Rahi Hai Ruh Meri. Mai Iss Qadar Aag Na Hota Jo Ho Jaati Tu Meri”

                                                                            -Zakir Khan(Shayari)

Zakir Khan, our Sakhth Launda is back with his kickass stand up comedy for Amazon prime. The Indore born comedian is able to strike that genuine connection with the audience by emulating the ideology of a commoner from the crowd. The ensemble of his charismatic personality and acute wit cracks up the audience.

Khan loves to express and talk about his experiences with women. The difference comes only in the set-up, audience and his way of expression. “Haq Se Single” is a gripping exploration through the wilderness that relationships contain. He undisguised it all, the guy in a tireless quest to win over that girl and the girl with a mercurial temperament who gets excited at almost anything. But the unequalled winner, the show stealer is how he decoded the “No Kajal Look”. Yes Ladies, it’s all out in the open now!!

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One very peculiar nuance about his comic style is unprecedented genuity, the manifestation of his jokes is around himself who once a common guy like the others aakhir “Bhai tumhara warrior hai”. One of his famous and well known punch line is "Chatein ho rhi hai" which so succinctly and wholly describes the extent of certain relationships and how they begin, "Ab to chat nahi, chatein ho rahi hai". This is not the only set-up to which our audience is familiar to. Zakir enthusiastically talks on the phone with this talkative woman who keeps on blabbering and in response Zakir says nothing but "hmm Acha theek hai" with some pause between each word.

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You must have heard about "Launda sakht tha, fisla nahi",  this is one of the phrase which is used by Zakir in his shows and is tremendously liked by his audience. It’s pure talent to dissolve the crowd into laughter by extending a joke from past, retain it and use it as a punchline in a new joke. It also builds from the connection he is able to makes with the audience by being one of them, a regular guy who is relatively bad at spoken english, wants to be in a relationship and is your friend in need a.k.a “sabka bhai”.

Some people are of the opinion that the reasons why the audience is left rapt by his act is because performs in Hindi thus extending a more unadulterated touch to his content whereas others believe that peaked concentration his content around the larger subset of the society, the Indian male, lends him more popularity.

The Entry and Exit song of the show :

Haq se single Haq se single
tukad tukad dekha yeah pita hai shawk se
Khud ke hi glass mein pita wo do straw se
koi aghe na Peeche, na koi upar neeche
Hote hai hum single haq se haq se

Mein hi mera raja and mein hi meri raani
kisi ko na karne deta apni man mani
koi aghe na Peeche, na koi upar neeche
Hote hai hum single haq se haq se


His eyes keep roving Drinking like a bawse!
He got two straws in his one glass
Noone's ahead of us Nobody's behind
All of us are single with pride
I'm my own king and I m on my own
I never let anyone Do just what they want
Noone's ahead of us Nobody's behind
All of us are single with pride

You can watch the full episode on Amazon Prime.

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