Time Out (2017)

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time out

Time Out | Voot Special Lead Cast: Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias
Director: Danish Aslam


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“I don’t know.” The 3 words a girl doesn’t want to hear when she asks her husband about their marriage. Rahul is almost 30 and in a quarter life crisis. Radha is almost trying to be a good wife. They have been trying to have a baby for half a year now and when finally Radha’s pregnancy test turns out positive, Rahul realises he is not ready to have a baby. Not only that in the span of 2 days, he realises that he is in a marriage he has no control over, a job he has no interest in and life he is not happy with. And as the wheels have already started spinning over a pregnancy test, turns out it was a false pregnancy.

In an age so advanced, men are still trying to understand women and woman are still trying to control men. So during this they finally take a break from each other, where Rahul stays with their upstairs neighbours, almost cheat on Radha, finds his passion for music, tries to sort out issues with his dad and meanwhile Radha tries to understand why her husband is acting the way he is, handling a business, coping with the shock of a false pregnancy and almost cheats on her Rahul.

Question is whether they survive this crisis and how. So watch this story as it shows how a marriage in an age like this exists with everything that comes with it.


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