Rahul Subramanian: Kal Main Udega (2018)

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15th March 2018
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Rahul Subramanian Kal Mein Udega 1

Rahul Subramanian: Kal Main Udega Lead CastRahul Subramanian
Directed By: Aakash Motiani 


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Rahul Subramanian’s Kal Main Udega is one laughter packed hour with jokes ranging from politics to the Pope and from his experiences in fights to his experiences while learning how to drive. He includes stories about his job as a brand manager and now a freelancer and how being a comedian works out. Almost half an hour into the episode Rahul explains everyone a few anecdote of comedy like “callback” and one liners which gave the show a little meta approach. What’s better than a stand-up comedian? A stand up comedian who dances, which was one of the fun parts of the show.

Rahul Subramaniam is a part of a collective called Random Chikibum and has appeared in several All India Bakchod videos. He has over 90,000 followers on Youtube and his videos like ‘MBA and breakup’ have gained him a huge fan base. Everyone’s beloved “topper” comes with all new content in his very own stand up special on Amazon prime. His solo is filled with random unrelated topics, making you laugh when you least expect it and making you laugh even harder when you know it’s time for his punch line.

So if you are having a gloomy day I recommend you to watch this and go a little crazy.

You can watch Rahul Subramanian's stand up comedy special on Amazon Prime Video.

Rahul Subramanian Bio / Wiki :  Rahul Subramanian is a Tamilian and a married man hailing from Mumbai. According to his LinkedIn profile, Rahul Subramanian holds a engineering degree from 'Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology Sindhi Society Chembur Mumbai' and Rahul did his MBA in Marketing from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. The last job before becoming a Stand Up Comedian was at Mahindra  as a Manager - Corporate Branding and Digital Marketing. Also, According to one of his Facebook post his height is 5 Feet 7 inches short, wheatish complexion with dark brown eyes.

Fun Fact: He is Rahul but not a Gandhi and a Subramanian but not a Swamy.



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