Kenny Sebastian: Don’t Be That Guy (2017)

Kenny Sebastian Don't Be That Guy

Kenny Sebastian Don’t Be That Guy

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Kenny Sebastian Don’t Be That Guy Lead Cast : Kenny Sebastian

Director: Abish Mathew


Do you know that feeling when someone talks about something and you feel 'Bro! The exact same shit happens with me'. and you go on to relate with that person on multiple levels! With his amazing comic timing and amalgamation of resonating real life instances, Kenny Sebastian is a rising sensation amongst the millennials. This 26-year-old Malayali boy has managed to foster a fan base of nearly a million subscribers. 

He was in 11th standard when he started making videos. He belongs to a defence background and thus travelled from one city to another and ended his journey in Bengaluru where his father retired as a Navy Officer. In one of his interviews he described his experience about a fluctuating lifestyle, “You realise that there is no point in making friends and give up OR you choose to take the effort to adapt to every new city and do your best to make the most of it. So at a young age, I developed the habit of consciously connecting with people as soon as I meet them and have relationships built faster.” 

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Kenny is one of the fore-runners of the 'YouTube Era'. The reason for sudden shift towards comedy as a profession can be attributed to him and the others who engendered the opportunity and demand for it. The increasing inclination of India's youth towards digital entertainment is a measure of the talent all these comedians have to offer.

From live shows to YouTube videos Kenny has given a lot to his fans. The USP of his jokes is the connection audience makes with his content. His sheer brilliance and passion for his work is inspiring. His special on Amazon Prime is bound to leave you rolling in the aisles.

This is Kenny's 5th stand up special and it is as hilarious as the others. He talks about why one shouldn't "be that guy" and him being a former nice guy. He ends the special with the most amusingly charming guitar performance.

The Amazon Special- "Don't Be That Guy" by Kenny Sebastian is a must watch!!!


You can watch the full episode on Amazon Prime.

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