Kanan Gill: Keep It Real (2017)

Kanan Gill Keep It Real

Kanan Gill Keep It Real

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Kanan Gill Keep It Real Lead Cast : Kanan Gill

Director: Sizil Srivastava

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Kanan Gill - Keep it Real

“If your throat is bad Indian mom’s are like just take some HALDI and just rub it, dosen’t matter where, you just rub it anywhere ”

                                                                            -Kanan Gill (Keep it Real)

From Pretentious Movie Review to Noor; from “Most Acting Ever - Mai Prem ki Deewani” to  “Best Visual Effects Ever - Jaani Dushman” Kanan Gill has been an unstoppable YouTube sensation. His special on AMAZON “KEEP IT REAL” is nothing less than spot on humour.

Born in Bareilly and son of an army officer, he did his schooling from Ahlcon Public School and was later educated at Frank Anthony Public School. He did his B.E in Computer Engineering and after working for three years at Exeter Group INC he became a comedian.

But what makes Kanan Gill  so LOVABLE?

We have taken the opportunity to pinpoint things which makes everyone (especially all the girls) go gaga about him!

  1. He is so charming and adorable

Let’s recall the first thought you had when you saw the first Pretentious Movie Review video, well I remember mine, “haaye kitna cute hai yeh, ladke itne cute bhi hote hain!!!??”

  1.   Unconventional idea

“Pretentious Movie Reviews”  a series of videos started by Biswa Kalyan Rath and Kanan Gill is nothing less than sheer brilliance! Reviewing movies people have already watched and pointing out things we never even bother to notice that were so horribly hilarious, the conception of the idea in itself is extraordinary that the distinctive and meticulous presentation of the idea made it unparalleled.

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  1.    Relatable Content

In his special on Amazon Prime, he talks about “Indian mothers and Haldi”, “Parents and technology questions”, “youngsters and drugs” and “girlfriends and blackheads”. With every punch line you are able to string yourself and your past instances. That’s beauty with which he presents himself.

  1.   A true Engineer

Engineering is so well ingrained in Kanan that his jokes cover a range of things that Engineers face in day to day life. Like your parents asking you about tech questions regarding gadgets and how they operation. There is a snippet containing the same in his Amazon Special that will leave every engineer wondering, “shit! mere saath bhi yahi hota hai”

  1.    Over dose of sarcasm

“There’s a fine line between A grade movies and C grade movies and it’s called B-grade movies (Prem Aggam-Most Exercise Ever)”. All the movie reviews having dripping sarcasm highlighting the most peculiar things we failed to notice while watching those movies. Not only do his reviews but also his stand ups are wrapped up so beautifully in sarcasm.

  1.    He is full of energy!!

Kanan Gill has a unacclaimed patent over “Hi Aunty”. His energy and vibrance ornate his witty jokes and talent!

  1.   Multifaceted

From being a perfect groom featuring in shaadi.com material guy to being a talented singer, he has it all.

I wish I had 13 reasons but to love Kanan, 7 are enough!

If his smile and charisma and sense of humor are not enough to love him right then tune into his latest AMAZON PRIME-Keep It Real.

Annnd when there is a Cow, blow some Haldi into the air. Fin.


You can watch the full episode on Amazon Prime.

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