Girl in the City 2 (2017)

girl in the city

 Girl in the City 2

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Drama, Entertainment

Girl in the City 2 Lead Cast :  Mithila Palkar, as Meera Sehgal, Preethika Chawla as Areem, Karanvir Sharma as Kiran, Rajat Barmecha as Kartik.



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Who doesn't want to get famous? Who doesn't want fame to knock on their doors and bag on!  That's what Meera Sehgal wanted in her life. The 21-year old who left the streets of Dehradun and to come to 'Aamchi Mumbai' in the quest to follow her heart and dreams. Her talent and  desires knew no bounds. She lands up in Mumbai for an internship to mark her spot in the fashion industry.

Season I encompasses her journey in Mumbai as an intern in a fashion conglomerate, where she starts her life as a designer. She makes new friends, falls in love and discovers her true-self. She unboxes the adventures of the new city and experiences all the thrills and and exuberance that the new city has to offer. Amidst her enthralling journey, she experiences the bitterness the society harbours. She learns the bitter truth of how the real world works. Her shiny dreams and the glitter of the new city suddendly turn into nightmares as she is accused of treachery towards the organisation. The stolen design story circumvents and ends the chapter- 1, with a doubt whether Meera would stand strong against all the odds or she will succumb to the circumstances.

As dreams are boundless and so are it's limits personifies, Meera Sehgal who returns with Season 2 with all vibrance, excitement and a buzz in the town. She pursues her love for fashion as she opens her own boutique in Dehradun and serves all the "butterflies" of the town with her new style and designs. Meera, the daughter of a self made man who raised his daughter like a princess and doesn't want her to back to the shackles of the big city.  The second season delves further into the incomplete life of Meera. Even though she has her own boutique and a loving family she is still unhappy. Her dreams were left stranded somewhere in the corner of the hustle bustle of Mumbai. It is not until her strange encounter with Areem that leads her to her job at the 'House of Areem'.  Her father being his reluctant self is against her leaving town  bur she leaves to anyway to grab her golden ticket to her dreams.

Season 2 will unravel twists and turns in  Meera Sehgal's life. Would Meera adjust at the 'House of Areem'? Will she get the coveted tag of a designer? Will she bond with Areem, the notorious brat? Would her relationship with Kartik go to next level or would she fall for her ravishing boss, Kiran?
Watch Girl in the City - Chapter 2 to untangle the conundrum in the life of Meera Sehgal!

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