Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare (2018)

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11th May 2018
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Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare Lead Cast: Alka AminPritha BakshiZakir Hussain as Ronny's Dad, Zakir Khan as Ronny, Vineet Sharma as Singham,  Kumar Varun as Kranti, Venus Singh as Avantika, Vyom Sharma as Anwar
Directed By: Vikas Chandra



Get ready for a drama packed series by the Haq se Single comedian Zakhir Khan. Chacha Vidhayak hai humare stars Zakhir khan as Ronnie, the guy in love with a girl who is still completely in with her ex. Ronnie is a 26 year old, wavered in his ambitions and cannot commit to a job whereas his father belonging to a middle class family and having troubles with his job desperately wants him to settle down. The series starts with Zakhir Khan,”Ronnie” coming back to Indore from Delhi after just 20 days of his job claiming he wants to prepare for Banking exams. But his dad knows that it’s just one of his tantrums as he is used to them by now. Ronnie then continues to live in Indore with his mother, father and a younger sister.

The Sakht launda, Zakhir khan adds to his and his family’s troubles when he lies to his friends and Avantika, his love interest about being related to the “Vidhyak” of the district. He boasts about his connections and how every problem is worth nothing to him as he has solutions to them all. But all he ends up doing is lying to his family, selling their car without telling his dad to settle debt he brought upon himself and landing his father and himself in jail. But all this is nothing compared to what happens when the “Vidhayak” finds out someone has been using his name for wrongdoings.

Catch “Chacha Vidhayak hai Humare” on Amazon Prime Video.


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Zakir Khan Haq Se Single

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