Hashtag #MeToo : A Social Media Movement against Sexual Assault

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"The more you talk about it, the less power it has over you."

I read somewhere once, "The more you talk about it, the less power it has over you."
#MeToo has given women a platform to do exactly that. Over this weekend, social media was exploded with posts from women around the world, sharing their experiences of sexual harrassment or assaults with the hashtag #MeToo. 
There are stories of assaults from a stranger to your own uncle, stories which might shake you and stories which you could relate to. The have more than half million posts with this hashtag, evidently quantifying the gravity of the issue at hand. Thousands of women have started opening up about their darkest memories, incidens that scarred their childhood and their terrifying experiences. 
The hashtag exploded when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a call out to the victims -
"If all the women/men who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem"


The online campaign might have started this weekend but the movement started 10 years ago by an activist Tarana Burke where the vision of that movement was to help young women of color who had gone through sexual assault, abuse or exploitation. And this weekend it became a global phenomenon where women gathered the courage to put behind the innumerable tragedies. By using this hashtag women are supporting each other by spreading the message that they understand and empathise with what they have been through and they all have come out stronger and better. 

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