Effect of GST (2017)

Effect of GST on the common man.

effect of GST


GST. The biggest tax reform in the history of India is here. It reels in Mr. Manmohan Singh's vision of ‘One Nation, One Tax’ to reality. India has finally become a fully integrated economy. 

YAY!! Or NAY?!!

GST has replaced excise, VAT and service tax and with its implementation comes a new headache for aspiring CAs. From the inmates of Antilia to those chaiwallahs on the nukkad of Altamount road, everyone is still getting the gist of this nascent tax regime. 

Economists predict a 2% increase in GDP with the enforcement of GST. So it benefits the nation while the services do get more expensive.Your favorite colas get more expensive but the daily cab rides get cheaper.

While the personal care items like soaps, hair oil, toothpaste have seen a reduction of almost 10% in tax, you’ll need to shed out more for your weekend e-commerce shopping. I like this because it helps mein two ways. For one, i’ll actually get the motivation to go out to my local supermarket and get to know my neighborhood. Second, i get to witness the pleasant evening atmosphere.

A little disappointing news for our phone dependent millennials: the tax on phone bills has been increased from 15% to 18%. Jioke din gaye

Also, imported phones see a 5.2% tax rise (from 12.8% to 18%), while home-grown phones see a 1.5% tax cut (from 13.5% to 12%). Modi and ‘Make In India’, still a better love story than twilight. <3

We are witnessing a low or no tax rate on basic necessities of life, which is commendable. These include public education, public health, Atta, puffed rice and unbranded clothes. No doubt, this is going to make the lives of poor a hell lot better but I feel imposing a 28% tax on shampoo and shaving cream makes no sense. 

I feel that GST is actually a pretty well planned reform, unlike demonetization. Making luxuries more expensive is a welcome move considering the level of corruption in India. However, going through the before-and-after-GST tax rates, I made a quirky observation. Have a look for yourself:

gst rates

Now I’m not saying anything, but all I know is some chap named Narendra Damodardas Modi has some really good industrialist friend.

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