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We analysed 1500 social media posts and found out that 75% of the public posted tweets attributing to fear and despair thus, clearly indicating the injurious and damaging nature of this ransom attack.

Technology has progressively decreased human intervention in every task possible. We live in a world where a computer intelligent enough to understand what you are saying and revert accordingly. All in all, they have made our daily life easier. Fundamentally, this electronic device is a key to our success. But what if our system gets malicious? What if instead of making everything  effortless, it  attributes to increase in inconvenience?  Only thinking of it can make you feel stressed. Am I right?

Many viruses have been created as well as their anti-viruses. Lately, Ransom virus attack was the biggest attack on the computers worldwide .  More than 74 countries got  infected by the ransomware attack. Wait! Wait! Wait! You might be thinking what does even ransom mean?  It is as literal as it gets.  Ransomware is a software that comes into action if you don't pay the ransom for your data. That’s right. Who would have thought that even data can be held captive? Our increasing reliance on technology and profuse amount of data that we engender by using it has steered towards this. Ransomware attack  can have damaging consequences.

It can result into the deletion of our data already stored in our systems. once this virus hits your system and  you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that you will be able to access your data again or not. It may also result in locking of the systems which cannot be reversed easily. Basically, it uses some algorithms  to encrypt the files on your system thus rendering them inaccessible for the user. The decryption key is then provided by the malware in exchange of ransom. The decryption key was further provided in exchange for ransom.

In the recent attack, it was told that it only took the attackers Rs. 686 to attack computers across 99 nations. It was advised not click any unsecure link or any mail with attachments such as "tasksche.exe" file. It was also, advised not to book any online movie tickets or process any other transactions. The name of the virus that demanded ransom was "wannacry worm" which locks down the computers and then demands ransom. Many countries got affected but the Indian Banks remain unaffected because of the outdated technology being used in the ATMs. According to the Europol Director Wainwright the attack was unrivalled and unpredictable. No one has ever seen anything like this.

The recent ransom attack in May, 2017 spread throughout the Internet and made over 75,000 users  their victim and infected more than 230,000 computers.  The ransom demanded was $300-$600 per computer. It majorly affected large scale companies in Spain, United States and United Kingdom. WannaCry Ransomware attacked systems running on Microsoft windows by just encrypting the user's data and decrypting it   in return for ransom. The image below was the note victims got after getting hit by the malware.

According to Microsoft, "The payload works in the same fashion as most modern ransomware : it finds and encrypts a range of data files,  then displays a ransom note informing the user and demanding a payment in bitcoin. It includes a transport mechanism to automatically spread itself."

Companies which failed to get the latest update of Microsoft Security Version were more vulnerable to WannaCry malware. Systems running at the older version of Windows XP were at high risk. Security patches were released by Microsoft in April, 2017 which was issued in March, 2017 i.e. 2 months before the attack.

All thanks to MalwareTech,  a cyber expert, Marcus Hutchins who triggered “killswitch” in the malware. DNS (Domain Name Server) played  a crucial role. Marcus, studied the code of the malware and found it always connected through a DNS, which was gibberish. He further explored that server had not been purchased and was a hoax used by the malware. He purchased the domain name for merely Rs 99 thus crippling WannaCry.  Microsoft company released many security patches for the local users and made available versions like Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003. Several tools like WannaSmile were released which according to the researchers would help in protecting our system files.

After few days of outbreak of these tools, relief surged back but it would not be surprising if the virus came back improved and stronger. . According to the advisors if we would pay ransom for getting back our own data then this would encourage more of these attacks and campaigns.

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