Lionel Messi Wedding(2017)

Big Fat Barcelonan Wedding! - Lionel Messi Wedding.

The wedding of one of the finest player of Barcelona’s Football Team, Lionel Messi took place on Friday 30th June 2017. He is nothing less than a prodigy. He got married to his childhood friend whom he has known since the age of five. The girl who stole his heart when he was young is none other than Antonella Rocusso who is also the cousin of his childhood friend. They both managed to keep a healthy long term relationship for a couple of years as Messi left his hometown Rosario when he was young to join the team.

They even have two sons to themselves, named Thiago and Mateo. Finally, at the age of 30 he decided to get married in Rosario Santa Fe where he grew up and played for his first football club. The venue for the wedding was City Center, a hotel and a casino complex. A military team had been deployed there to avoid unnecessary circumstances. A big screen was arranged for the fans to witness the wedding of their superhero. There were many people invited to attend the wedding. Among them were all 21 players of the Barca team.

The couple is assumed to be very down to earth, humble and extremely benevolent. They requested their guests to not get them any materialistic gifts and instead wanted them to help and support the Leo Messi Foundation that provides underprivileged children with healthcare and education. Their wedding was a colossal event and all his fans were happy to see him get married to the love of his life.


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