Anil Kumble Steps Down: Releases a Public Statement (2017)

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Anil Kumble Steps down: Social Opinion

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Anil Kumble's decision to step down as head coach created a buzz on the internet. 85% of the posts (~25k) on social media depicted disappointment and/or sadness on this move.

Anil Kumble is a revered gem for the Indian Cricket Team.He made his debut in the Indian Cricket Team in the early 90’s and is recognized as the third highest test match wicket taker in the world. His contribution to the Indian Team for 18 long years as a bowler is unparalleled.

He became the head coach to the Indian Cricket Team in June last year and since then team India has won many matches under his supervision. However, on 20th June 2017 he withdrew from the post and handed in his resignation. It is believed that the major reason for Kumble to step down from the position of coach is being chalked up to the captain of Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli. All this started when Kohli went to BCCI and conveyed the reservations he had regarding Kumble’s coaching techniques. This came as a shock for Anil.

Later BCCI tried a lot to resolve the conflict but as it is said once the damage once done cannot repair the knot that it created. Also Kumble received a profuse amount of criticism from the devastated fans who pinned India’s loss against Pakistan in the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017 on him. Surrounded by derision and disagreement he decided to resign from his post as the Head Coach and requested BCCI and CAC to appoint someone who they deem fit for the position. Also there are many tailing controversies regarding this issue on various social media platforms. Many are of the opinion that this is bad for the Indian team and that the team might suffer whereas some people think that it is was about time that this happened. Anil Kumble has made a public statement outlining the issue.

He wishes luck to the cricket team for their future endeavours and aspires the team to achieve great heights. Amidst the crisis and setbacks coming towards the Indian Team’s way, we can only but hope they recover emerge back as the strongest team in the world.

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