About Us

Our Approach

At Soopnio (The Social Opinion), we believe in looking at things in an unconventional way. We live in a world where our existence can be defined by the data stored in phones. We live in a world where, every opinion you formulate needs to be backed with facts and figures.

 We at Soopinio will break through the traditional approaches and will fetch you a statistically tabulated sound opinion.

Soopinio Score

The Soopinio Score is evaluated by analysing facebook and twitter posts of the general public, to collate a factual and statistically sound opinion.


Disclaimer: Soopinio has made every attempt to ensure accuracy and reliability of the information provided  on the Soopinio website. We have built our own algorithms to tabulate and publish the results. The facts stated here are purely for information purposes and should not be used for any unlawful  activity. Everyone has a right to have their opinion, we are a platform that can aid you in formulating it.