Wonder (2017)

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Wonder Lead CastJulia Roberts as Isabel Pullman, Owen Wilson as Nate Pullman, Jacob Tremblay as August "Auggie" Pullman, Izabela Vidovic as Olivia "Via" Pullman, Mandy Patinkin as Mr. Tushman, Daveed Diggs as Mr. Browne, Noah Jupe as Jack Will, Danielle Rose Russell as Miranda, Nadji Jeter as Justin, Millie Davis as Summer, Auggie's friend
Director: Stephen Chbosky


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Based on R.J Palacio’s’New York Times Bestseller is a story of Auggie is a fifth grader with a facial deformity. Due to numerous surgeries on his face, he was homeschooled by his mother Isabel. But now that Auggie has reached middle school, Isabel and Nate decide to enrol him in a private school, Beecher prep. The stigma circling his condition makes it harder for Auggie to make friends and he feels isolated until he befriends Jack. Auggie and Jack become good friends as the school year goes by.

On Halloween, Auggie dresses up as Ghost Face, making it impossible for people to recognize him. He finds Jack with his friend Julian and when he reaches close enough he overhears Jack telling Julian that he is only friends with Auggie as a joke and would rather kill himself if he looked anything like him.Feeling betrayed, Auggie runs to his family and tells them that he wants to drop out of school, to which his sister makes him understand that he shouldn’t. Since then, Auggie keeps his distance from Jack. Summer, another classmate of Auggie asks him what’s wrong and Auggie tells her everything and swearing her to secrecy. Meanwhile Jack figures out that it was Auiie as Ghost Face and that he heard everything he said on Halloween. Auggie and Jack are partnered for a project to which Julian responds by badmouthing Auggie. Jack punches Julian and it erupts into a fight getting them both dismissed for 2 days.

Auggie is bullied by Julian and his friends for the rest of the year until Mr.Tushman, their class teacher finds out and Julian gets in trouble. On a trip to a natural reserve, Auggie finds himself being bullied by a group of seventh graders from another school and Julian’s friends’ save him. From then Auggie’s classmates started accepting him more comfortably making his life a little easier.

Wonder not only speaks about Auggie but it also revolves around the story of the rest of characters, everyone has their own backstory and problems to face which keeps you engaged overall. Watch out as 11 year old Jacob Tremblay gives one of his most talked about performance.

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