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The Mummy

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1Hr 49min   Fantasy, Adventure, Action

The Mummy Lead Cast : Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, Annabelle Wallis as Jennifer "Jenny" Halse, Sofia Boutella as Princess Ahmanet, Jake Johnson as Sergeant Chris Vail, Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway, Russell Crowe as Henry Jekyll, Javier Botet as Set, Marwan Kenzari as Malik, Selva Rasalingam as King Menehptre, Dylan Smith as Lorenzo Montanari, Rez Kempton as Foreman, Chasty Ballesteros as Kira Lee

Director: Alex Kurtzman

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The most consequential and the scariest adventure fantasy, The Mummy, which dates back to it’s origin in 1932, is back with a full throttle  featuring the world’s biggest action hero Tom Cruise as the lead. The multiple series engendered from the story of an Egyptian priest who resurrected from the dead bringing back a perilous curse thus offsetting  a course of supernatural events.  

FUN FACT: The anti-gravity scene in the movie is a genius of Tom Cruise.

This is the first movie from the house of “Dark Universe” which plans to emulate the legacy of Marvel. The movie was initially written with two scripts, one with a male mummy and the other with a female one and the producers decided to go ahead with the female one citing it to be more authentic. Since the production house seeks to make an interconnected universe, it is rumored that Johnny Depp will make a cameo appearance here as The Invisible Man.

Although the makers have decided to give a darker twist to the movie this time, Nick Morton is bound to give us nostalgia of Rick’s heroic adventures of 1999.

The movie suggests to be a battle of the dark forces. The trailer shows that the Mummy was a prisoner in the tomb before, she eventually died there  and it became her burial site. She’ll be up against Mr. Hyde, played by the classic Russell Crowe, a dodgy character inspired by the antagonist of ‘Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.

Like always, the core of the movie remains the monster and the movie will have the love angle to it. However, the director recently released a statement saying the monsters will remain undisclosed at the end of this film. This is writer-turned-director Alex Kurtzman’s second movie after ‘People Like Us’ , which was a phenomenal success.

All said the movie is already giving me goose bumps with its unique plot, and the amalgamation of love and dark forces.

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