The Circle (2017)

the circle

The Circle

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1Hr 50min   Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama

The Circle Lead Cast : Emma Watson as Mae Holland, the newest young member of The Circle, Tom Hanks as Eamon Bailey, the head and co-founder of The Circle, John Boyega as Ty Lafitte/Kalden, a member of The Circle and one of Mae's co-workers, Karen Gillan as Annie Allerton, a member of The Circle and one of Mae's co-workers, Ellar Coltrane as Mercer, Mae's childhood friend, Patton Oswalt as Tom Stenton, a co-founder of The Circle, Bill Paxton as Vinnie Holland, Mae's father, Glenne Headly as Bonnie Holland, Mae's mother, Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Jessica Villalobos, Nate Corddry as Dan, Jimmy Wong as Mitch, Ellen Wong as Renata, Judy Reyes as Congresswoman Santos

Director: James Ponsoldt

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It won’t be wrong to assume that we all are aware that online information isn’t really secure, thanks to the recent zomato data leaks, but we still don’t mind giving our personal information away online without thinking twice, do we?

The circle’, based on Dave Egger’s homonymous book, is a movie which speaks to the moment. The gizmo frenzy environment in the movie might lead you to believe that it’s futuristic but we are closer to it than we think we are.

The CIRCLE is an organization which seems to be a mixture of Facebook and the reality TV drama, ‘BIG BOSS’. It has a huge campus somewhere on the hills of States, comprising of all the facilities you can ever imagine. The motive is to ensure that employees never leave. Not the job, the office campus. All the extra-curricular activities and socialization should happen at the campus only. And of course, all the employees are pretty cool with it.

The founders of the company – Bailey and Stenton- want to know each and every minute detail of the employees ‘just for fun’.  Again, the employees don’t mind. The company believes that complete transparency is the underlying key to universal compatibility.

So what they do is they set up tiny, unsuspicious cameras (known as the ‘SeeChange’ technology) across the world as this would apparently reduce crimes, provide easy justice and prevent violation of human rights by some Asian dictator. The organization’s goodwill is so good that they aren’t faced with any recrimination from the outside world. No proprietary issues, nothing at all. So realistic.

Now shifting the focus to the protagonist Mae, she comes from a low-key background, struggling with financial issues. Moreover, her dad is suffering from sclerosis. Mae’s friend Annie helps her in landing up the grand escape to financial autonomy, a job interview at THE CIRCLE. Mae’s job is low-profile but coveted. The Circle brings hope in her life, not only do the good folks help in the treatment of her dad, but also, one of the SeeChange cameras help in saving her life once.

Following this, Mae feels so indebted to the organization that she goes up to Bailey and tells him that Secrets are lies. Privacy is a bad thing. It leads her to the huge decision of living an entirely transparent life for ‘the good of the world’. The entire movie revolves around her life thereafter.

Although the movie is prescient and has a very relevant plot, it comes out as a surprise that it is so weakly depicted by Ponsoldt, who has given critically acclaimed movies like ‘The End of the Tour’ & ‘The Spectacular Now’ in the past. The Circle is so bad at places, that it’s actually funny. Apart from the employee Ty, nobody seems to have a problem with the company’s suspicious activities. Even Mae herself develops such a godfather-like image of the company that she fails to look at the threat it poses. The director tries to run a parallel with the normal world by showing bits of Emma’s life back in the hood but even that is quite loosely presented. Overall, it churns out to be a satirical depiction on the presage of what lies in store for us.


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