The Boss Baby (2017)

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The Boss Baby

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1hr 40min    Comedy, Animation

Commando 2 Lead Cast :Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim Templeton, Tobey Maguire as an adult Tim, the narratorAlec Baldwin as The Boss Baby TempletonSteve Buscemi as Francis E. Francis, the CEO of Puppy Co.Jimmy Kimmel as Ted TempletonLisa Kudrow as Janice TempletonConrad Vernon as Eugene Francis

Director: Tom McGrath

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Tim gets a new baby brother who carries a briefcase, wears a suit, speaks about pie chart and is upto something evil. Well that's the edge animated movies nest on. The movie caters to the sibling rivalry and fear of attention deviation the elder child has when a younger sibling arrives in a family.
From the director of Madagascar series (Tom McGrath), 'The Baby Boss' is an amusing treat for the weekend.

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One thought on “The Boss Baby (2017)

  • April 22, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    I loved this movie! The person who created this is so loved. I did shed a few tears somewhere near the end but this is awesome. I loved the bit where boss baby calls from the other side and asks to open the door. Quite emotional. And of course, the ending. Super sad and happy.


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