Justice League (2017)

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Justice League


Oh how the mighty have arrived. DC comics’ last movie had us mourning for the death of Superman but also kick-started the DC universe.

Years ago, Steppenwolf and his army of Para demons begin on a journey to conquer earth with Mother boxes but fail to do so when Gods and Amazons fight them and send Mother boxes to different locations and hide them.  Steppenwolf, seeing earth so weak after the death of superman decides to find those mother boxes and reinstate his original plan.

Inspired by the selfless acts of Superman, it is now Batman who assembles a team of metahumans to fight the war of good vs evil. Batman v Superman gave a head start to other superheroes and now Bruce Wayne is finding them one by one. While Bruce Wayne is in his search for superheroes Steppenwolf is conjuring up the mother boxes. Finally when he has them all, Bruce Wayne shows up with, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman and now it’s up to them to save the world.

Do they succeed? Or does Bruce Wayne fails his team and the promises he left behind? And the main question that’s eating up everyone is, “Is Superman back?”

To find out, check out Justice League in theatres now.

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