The Emoji Movie (2017)

Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie

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1Hr 26min   Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The Emoji Movie Lead Cast : T. J. Miller as Gene, an outsider "meh" emoji who can show multiple expressions, James Corden as Hi-5, a hand emoji, Anna Faris as Jailbreak, a codebreaker emoji, Maya Rudolph as Smiler, a smiley emoji and leader of the text center, Steven Wright as Mel Meh, Gene's emoji father, Jennifer Coolidge as Mary Meh, Gene's emoji mother, Patrick Stewart as Poop, a poop emoji, Christina Aguilera as Akiko Glitter, a "super cool" dancer that lives inside the Just Dance app, Sofía Vergara as Flamenca, a flamenco dancer emoji, Sean Hayes as Steven, a devil emoji, Rachael Ray as Spam, a spam message, Jeff Ross as an Internet troll,Jake T. Austin as Alex, a human teenager who owns the phone where Gene and his emoji friends live, Tati Gabrielle as Addie McCallister, Alex's crush, Rob Riggle as an ice cream emoji (uncredited)

Director: Tony Leondis

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The Emoji Movie is a 2017 3D animated comedy film directed by Tony Leondis. The title of the movie literally gives away what the movie is based, i.e. Emoji’s and their hypothetical world.

The movie takes you the undiscovered world inside our smartphones, where Emojis live in a small town of their own carrying out their daily chores and fulfilling their life purpose which mostly amounts to nailing the impression they were given.

The story is about this unusual emoji, Gene who lives in Textopolis, a commotion city where all our favorite emojis live. It’s a digital city existing inside the phone of his user Alex. Gene is the son of two “meh” emojis. In this city each emoji is born with one particular expression except for Gene he is born without filter and he possesses the liberty to make multiple expressions. His inability to render the “meh” expression makes his parents worrisome of him going to work. Gene convinces them and heads to work so that he can feel useful.

Alex, his user on receiving a text from his crush Addie, decided to send her an emoji. He selected Gene who forgot messes up his job and makes a confusing expression thereby destroying the whole text. The leader of the text centre at the smiley emoji deems Gene unfit and a negated emoji further declaring his deletion. The smiley emoji sends his punks to chase Gene but he escapes and is saved by the Hi-5 emoji. The movie then extends into the journey Gene embarks on with Hi-5 and his notorious friend, Jailbreak to discover and correct the bug in his code. There wondrous expedition to find them culminates into a revelation that one should accept the way they are.

The amount of innovation and imagination invested in the movie makes it fit for kids to watch it over the weekend.

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