Black Panther (2017)

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black panther


In the recent times, the superhero movie culture is growing at a brisk pace and we might expect Black Panther to be same as any other superhero movie with a lot of thrill and action but right from the trailer we could notice something unique about this movie and what makes it so unconventional from others is the way Mr Ryan Coogler the writer and director of the film has presented it.
The 18th Marvel movie Black Panther is an action-packed eventful entertainer brimming with superb performances. This is a tale of a place called Wakanda a fictional African nation hidden far away from the world, behind the rainforests and mountains containing untouched natural beauty and plenty of wealth. The Protagonist of the movie T'Challa played by Chadwick Boseman posses all the qualities a ruler must have, with the subtleness like Morgan Freeman and dominance like Samuel L. Jackson he portrayed a great king as he had to face competition from the two superb antagonists Michael B. Jorden and Andy Serkis who were really exhilarating in their approach. The tale starts right after the civil war when the king of Wakanda T’Chaka dies and now it’s time for T’Challa to take over the responsibilities of the throne. After a short introduction of wakandan history, we are taken to Wakanda which is a visual delight. The intricacies of African culture are beautifully captured and showcased in a whole new light as vibrant costumes and set design merge with high-quality CGI spectacle. Black Panthers served as a perfect appetiser before the release of Avengers Infinity War and left us asking for more.
PS- Don’t forget to watch the post-credits scenes.

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