Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver

Baby Driver

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1Hr 53min   Crime, Action

Baby Driver Lead Cast : Ansel Elgort as Miles a.k.a. "Baby", Hudson Meek as Young Baby, Lily James as Debora, a young waitress and Baby's romantic interest, Kevin Spacey as Doc, Jon Hamm as Jason "Buddy", Jamie Foxx as Leon "Bats", Jon Bernthal as Griff, Eiza González as Monica "Darling", Flea as Eddie "No-Nose", Lanny Joon as JD, Sky Ferreira as Baby's mom, Big Boi as Restaurant Patron, Killer Mike as Restaurant Patron, Paul Williams as The Butcher, Jon Spencer as Prison Guard, CJ Jones as Joseph, Baby's Foster Father

Director: Edgar Wright


This movie is directed by Edgar Wright is written in a manner that captures his sheer genius. The movie revolves around the beats of a song. A very talented young man named Baby who is the driver to a criminal mastermind, Doc. Baby,  lost his parents at an early age in a car accident. Its aftermath was really bad and he started suffering from tinnitus, a disease where he used to feel a ceaseless buzzing hum in his ears creating chaos in his mind. He tries to overcome this by making his life resonate with the soundtrack and beats of a song. The movie will make you wonder the art with which he overcomes this disease and becomes a driver. This is what outlines the movie.

He adapted himself to listen to  songs and then visualize the chase in his mind. Earlier we used to have cassettes and therefore we were not able to listen to songs properly. But with the introduction of iPod we can listen to ample of songs in a cue. Edgar Wright made iPod the basis of the movie. The movie bridges a person and a song. All the sequences in the movie are timed with songs instead of syncing them with actions. When you are out and it’s cloudy but a bit sunny at the same time it feels like you are present everywhere. The same serves as the crux for the movie ‘Baby Driver’. Baby being the most preferred driver for his boss Doc who specialized in robbery is able to do good amount of car chases for him.

The conceptualisation of the movie is awe-worthy and thrilling. A must watch for you weekend!


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