Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


“Avengers: Infinity War” has created a lot of buzz not only among the diehard MCU fans but the people who are rookies in the superhero genre. It is close to impossible to live up to the expectations of almost “Infinity” Marvel fans and deliver a fantastic film but the directors of the movie Anthony and Joe Russo have done it with utter ease.

The cast of the movie consists of every major character we have seen in the last decade with a humongous budget of 300 million, this movie brings a lot to the table. There is so much in this movie, even though with an exhausting and butt-numbing 2 hr 40 min ride to the Marvel universe you’ll be left wanting for more.

The humour and the intense action sequences won't allow you to blink your eyes while plenty of surprises and thrilling experiences will keep you glued to your seat.

It is clear at the beginning of the movie that our antagonist Thanos who is a 12 feet tall purple monster wants to destroy half of the universe to restore balance and to achieve that ambition, Thanos needs all six of the infinity stones and doesn't matter how much they try not even our mightiest gods stand a chance in front of him.

Thanos played by Josh Brolin gave an effective motion capture performance and his character was very wrathful, quick to punish and desperate for love type who thinks he is being merciful by eliminating half of the universe.

Every other superhero got their own moments although some of the characters like black widow were underutilized.  All this mayhem leads to an unexpected and a beguiling endnote.

This is not just a movie for hardcore Marvel fans, it's a festival. Though it seems like it’s the end of an era instead it's a new beginning. It’s a superbly planted hook by Russo brothers to keep us guessing about the new chapter in the book of MCU.

PS- Don’t forget to watch the post-credits scenes.

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