Tubelight (2017)



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2Hr 28min    Family, Drama

Tubelight Lead Cast : Salman Khan as Laxman Singh Bisht, Sohail Khan as Bharat Singh Bisht, Matin Rey Tangu as Gu Won (Gu), Zhu Zhu as Li Leing (Gu's mother), Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Narayan( Laxman's friend), Om Puri as Banne Chacha, Yashpal Sharma as Major Rajbir Tokas, Shah Rukh Khan as Magician Goga Pasha

Director: Kabir Khan



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Tubelight is based on a hollywood movie Little Boy, featuring Salman Khan as the man-child. Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan) is special and is nicknamed 'Tubelight' by his friends as he takes time to process and glow. The movie features Sohail Khan as Bharat, Laxman's youner brother. It circumvents the brutalities of the Indo-China war that took place in the year 1962. 
The bond between the two brothers from Kumraon Village lays the foundation for the plot. Bharat is chosen to serve the country in the war whereas Laxman is left behind to mark time until his brother returns. He is devastated and shattered to revieve the news of his brother's demise. It is at this point where the key premise of the movie steps in 'Yakeen'.  Laxman is told to have an unceasing faith, hope and belief. Belief can move mountains and that is what Laxman does. 
Bajrangi Bhaijan directed by Kabir Khan was an attempt to nurture the concept of neighbourhood and love betweeen the two nations, India and Pakistan. Tubelight devised around the same lines falls flat to address the same. The Indo-China war scenes lack the strength to cause an impact. The movie rises to the occasion to create a connection with the audience but wanes and disappoints you. It is a long ride of anticipation for something to happen but nothing actually does. Nevertheless, the supporting cast in the film are a pleasure to watch. Matin and Zhu Zhu are a treat for the eyes. For Salma Khan fans, if you are going for the heroic top notch 'Bhai ki muscles toh dekho' scenes, you are bound to return disheartened. 
 But, bhai toh bhai hai! 

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