The House Next Door (2017)

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The House Next Door Lead Cast: Siddharth as Doctor Krishnakanth, Andrea Jeremiah as Lakshmi, Atul Kulkarni as Paul, Suresh as Doctor Prasad, Anisha Angelina Victor as Jennifer
Director: Tanuja Chandra




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Synopsis ( Spoiler Alert)

Krish and Lakshmi live a content life until they start noticing changes in their neighbourhood. They are as any good neighbours would be, very welcoming to the D'Costas who had recently moved into the house next door.But things start to take a turn for worse when Krish and Lakshmi witness Jenny, the eldest daughter of the newly moved in neighbours, jump into the well. Krish catches sight of her and jumps in to save her. That same night, Jenny goes into a fit of seizures and Krish is there to save the day again.


Krish and Lakshmi invite Paul and his daughters to dinner at their house where Jenny creates a panic saying she saw someone, embarrased by his daughter's ill manners, her father Paul, takes her home. Observing these anamolies, her father decides to take her to the psychiatrist. After a discussion, they conclude that Jenny keeps hearing voice of a chinese woman. The psychiatrist then, with her dad and Krish decide to visit her room, where they find out that Jenny is possesed by a chinese woman.


To remedy the situation, they call in Father Joseph and perform a fake exorcism which in turn sends Father Joseph into a coma. As Jenny starts returning to being normal, Laksmi announces her pregnancy but falls off the ladder saying she saw something strange near the fish tank and Krish loses his job as he cannot concentrate with the caricatures he keeps seeing in the operation theatre. Finally, he and the psychiatrist go on a mission to explore the history of the house and find out that the house was once owned by a chinese family whose husband was a satan worshipper and killed his own daughter. When his wife understood what was happening, she cursed him and killed herself and the child she was bearing. Seeing his wife dead the husband killed himself by drowning in the very same well that Jenny tried to jump in the beginning.


Finally, when Father Joseph gains consciousness he reveals to Lakshmi that when he went into coma he saw something. He saw that when Krish jumped into the well to save Jenny, the spirit of the chinese husband latched itself onto him and that Krish was possesed. So Laksmi locks him in a room and the spirit of the mother and daughter were able to remove the husband's spirit from Krish.

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