The Slum Stars (2017)

the slum stars

The Slum Stars

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2Hr 15min   Drama

The Slum Stars Lead Cast : Survinder Vicky, Gurpreet Singh Tuti, Master Abhiraj Singh Thakur, Balkar Singh Dhillon, Nitin Arora, Darshan Gharoo, Bhuwan Azad, Vikas, Amrit Pal Chotu, Jagdeep lamaba, Nikk Arora, Harry Sachdeva, Abhiraj Thakur, Chiragdeep, Ridhima, Yashwan Chopra

Director: Sandeep Singh


Amidst all the glamour and buzz bollywood has to offer, there are some unusual beans that sprout every now and then and the movie Slum Stars is one of them. It is extremely hard to make a film that is based on real life instances that sufficiently address the atrocities the darker part of this world goes through. The movie directed by Sandeep Singh (bawa) is one of them. The movie is primarily about the slum children and their suffering that makes their childhood nothing less than a dreadful nightmare. Children are like the soft clay, they are required to be moulded and groomed in a proper way so that they turn into a decent human being. But the children who thrive in the slums are deprived of certain privileges that take away their childhood and hinder them from becoming into something they might regret later.

The movie circumvents around three children named Kanahiya, Gudiya and Chandu. They were abandoned kids. Gudiya falls into the trap of a local don who is engaged in crimes like human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She is forced to be the part of this heinous racket. The story takes a turn when these 3 kids manage to escape from the clutches of the don and reach a village near Rajasthan where they came across a ‘Ghost’ who helps them teach a lesson to those who have wronged them. But in the whole process they lost their childhood somewhere and that is what is highlighted in the movie. The movie aims at spreading awareness about several crimes happening in the society whom we are knowingly blind to. The work done by Sandeep Singh is really worth appreciating as he has highlighted the ugly truth of our society.


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