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1Hr 49min    Drama

SHAB Lead Cast : Raveena Tandon as Sonal, Sanjay Suri as Vivek Modi, Ashish Bisht as Mohan/Afzar, Arpita Chatterjee as Raina, Simon Frenay as Benoit, Raj Suri as Rohan, Gaurav Nanda as Baljeet

Director: Onir


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SHAB is an 2017 upcoming Indian romance drama film directed by Onir and produced by Sanjay Suriand Onir for Anticlock Films , WSG Pictures and Surya Entertainment . 

“SHAB” is a story that revolves around multiple characters in search for happiness and love in a complex , unforgiving and cold city . It is the story of how destiny and the city shapes their life. It is a film that slowly unveils the intricacies woven into each character.

The film is set in the cosmopolitan city Delhi which is also referred to as the city of dreams. A place where people come from all over the country to fulfil their dreams. Some survive the rat race abd accomplish their dreams by their willingness and diligence whereas some are trapped in the unending pursuit of their elusive dreamsPerhaps it is the zeal that help people to reach their destination and keep going. This film revolves around the story of multiple characters entangled in their own web to achieve fane and glory. 

This is a story about five ordinarily unique characters lost in the mesh of their broken lives. They are spent and tired from their twisted fate and are in search of the common myth: happiness  and bliss. 

Sonal (RavinaTandon ), a fashion patron and socialite lures Mohan, a struggling actor with her fame and glamour. She makes Mohan her boy-toy and changes his name to Azhar. Meanwhile Azhar or Mohan loses her heart to Raina who has her own issues to deal with from her mysterious past. She falls for a guy named Benoit, who teaches french and Raina works as a waitress in a café owned by Neil. Their lives cross each other paths causing the din that exists in all of our lives today. 

The sketching of characters is done with intricate detailing thus offering the realistic edge to it. It's a light hearted film a perfect fit for your weekend!


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