Rukh (2017)

rukh the movie


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1hr 46min    Drama, Mystery
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Rukh Lead Cast : Manoj Bajpayee, Adarsh Gourav, Smita Tambe, Kumud Mishra
Director: Atanu Mukherjee


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Rukh is the story which has houses the typical characters in a common family. The depressed  and dull life of a father coated with the struggle and anxiety he faces due to pressures of society, the overprotecting, caring mother and a wife frayed by years of neglect and worry and finally the protagonist, son Dhruv who is struggling with his own past and is unable to process the information of his father’s sudden demise.

Rukh” is the tale of a son who is wrestling with his own emotions and he is shown to be scarred by his aggression and stubbornness. He is an 18-year-old student who suddenly discovers that his father (Manoj Bajpayee) died in a car accident and this turns his whole world around.

When Dhruv comes back from boarding school he slowly discovers a father he never knew and it helps him resolve his own issues, he also finds out about his father's friend and partner whose malpractices resulted in the shutdown of the leather factory. To add to the same, his mother Nandini (Smita Tambe) is also keeping something from him. Dhruv is sure that this was not an accident but a murder and he wants to get to the roots of it to solve this mystery.

Director Atanu Mukherjee has made a low budget film with fewer effects but this film is high on content, talent and direction, this assures us that the future of Indian cinema is in right hands. This death chronicle is told slowly but has a very assuring final twist. The movie talks about the untold things of society, how a parent protects his child from all the painful truths of life, how an honest father is caught between society and himself and how a son struggles to face the mountain of problems which are thrown towards him by life. Rukh is filled with empowering and convincing performances and a great storyline. It starts off slow but ends very positively.

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