Ribbon (2017)

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1hr 46min    Drama, Comedy
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Ribbon Lead Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas,  Hitesh Malhan

Director: Rakhee Sandilya


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Newfangled filmmaker Rakhee Sandilya chose a perfect movie to enter the Bollywood industry. It is a story that mostly focuses on the basic concerns faced by women in an Indian society, this film follows a fly on the wall approach and shows the difficulties faced by an independent couple when an unexpected news of Sahana being pregnant hits them like a storm.

The characters portrayed by Sumit Vyas and Kalki Koechlin are very well worked out, distinct and realistic as they successfully display the routine struggles of a married couple balancing their personal and professional life. The films open with Sahana a skilled executive on the verge of getting promoted realizes that she is pregnant and that flips her world upside down, she then goes to her husband Karan who shows a positive approach to the situation and convinces her to keep the baby and start a family. The new parents then begin their unpleasant journey towards parenthood. Soon they’re grappling with many issues like financial and professional stress. After returning to her job Sahana is demoted due to the pregnancy and the leaves she took culminating into losing her job. Like it wasn’t enough, now Karan takes a drastic step that forces them to live separately and that makes the situation more tedious and stressful.

The film ends with a great conversation between Sahana and Karan and highlights the hidden resentments and strain emotions that are in a relationship and at the end, you will find yourself rooting for Sahana and her family to prosper.

Kalki delivers a solid performance as she beautifully interprets the scene and brings a little bit more than what was asked of her, she is highly intuitive and receptive as she slides into the character and does full justice to it. Sumit is really good as a supportive husband but Kiara Soni has done tremendous work as a child actor.

The story moves at a snail pace but the realistic conversations, brilliant cinematography and a great twist, in the end, make up for it. It’s a very well crafted film about which people are slowly finding out but this multi-layered urban tale despite its flaws deserves a watch due to its style of narration, content and the concern it raises without being melodramatic.

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