Rangoon (2017)

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Rangoon Lead Cast : Saif Ali Khan as Rustom "Rusi" Billimoria, Shahid Kapoor as Jamadar Nawab Malik, Kangana Ranaut as Miss Julia
Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

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Ragoon, starts with scenes of war subsisting in the world, with World War II at one end and the Indian struggle of Independence on the other. With distress on the background, the movie proceeds to engender a love triangle between Rusi (Saif Ali Khan) producer of an entertainment company, her fiancé Julia (Kangana Ranaut) and a soldier on the Info-Burma border, Nawab (Shahid Kapoor).  Extending into a plethora of emotions, the movie explores how flawed and flawless love can be

Amidst varying reviews across the internet about Rangoon, the Soopinio score is 61%.
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