Ranchi Diaries (2017)

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Ranchi Diaries

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1hr 37min    Thriller, Comedy
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Ranchi Diaries Lead Cast : Jimmy Shergil as Lallan Singh, Taaha Shah as Pinku, Himansh Kohli as Manish, Soundarya Sharma as Gudiya, Anupam Kher as Thakur Bhaiya, Harry Bala as Babloo, Pitobash as Pradeep Kumar, Pradeep Singh as Bunty, Satish Kaushik as S. I. Choubey

Director: Sattwik Mohanty


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With advancement of technology and the constant increment in the story telling technique of Indian cinema the movies like Ranchi Diaries shatters the dream of taking Indian cinema to the next level. The movie is an unsuccessful attempt of newfangled director Sattwik Mohanty to make this movie humorous took over the need to connect with audience and provide them with a full flash entertainer.

The film revolves around a young wanna be singing sensation girl Gudiya and her friends Pinku and Manish who want to make it out in the city to pursue their individual dreams. Correspondingly complications start brewing when Gudiya and Manish decide to run away together to give Gudiya’s singing carrier a try but they don’t have any money so they decide to rob a bank, how obvious?
The film is brimming with awkward references from the use of the term "Godfather"  to calling a Hollywood classic “Ocean 11” as “Mahasagar11”. The horrendous attempt of Himansh Kohli to speak bihari was intolerable and the scattered plot of the
story didn’t do any justice to renowned actors like Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill. The long sequence of the story has turned out to be rough ride for the viewers and movie wasn’t able to grip the audience with quality or quantity. The movie was a protracted
patient journey with no reward at the end.


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