Phillauri (2017)

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2hr18 min    Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Commando 2 Lead Cast : Anushka Sharma as Shashi, Diljit Dosanjh as Phillauri, Suraj Sharma as Kanan, Mehreen Pirzada as Anu, Nidhi Bisht

Director: Anshai Lal



A young Punjabi rapper, Kanan is returning from Canada to marry his high school sweetheart, Anu. On his arrival he is told that if he doesn't marry a tree first, their married life is doomed to face unfortunate consequences later. The ritual of marrying the tree build the plot for the movie as the reluctant iconoclast marries a ghost during the ritual. Anshuka Sharma, the glimmering golden ghost (hats off to the VFX team) is one of a kind. The movie oscillates between Shahi's (Anushka Sharma) past life and her passion for poetry and Kanan's distress about getting married so early. Shahi's love life had a tragic ending due to which her soul still stuck in the vicious circle and is finding a way out of it.
The movie is slow but it seems to grow you eventually. Diljit Dosanj's melodious tunes suit the pace of the movie. All in all the movie is a refreshing treat

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