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Mubarakan Lead Cast : Anil Kapoor as Kartar Singh, Arjun Kapoor as Karanveer Singh and Charanveer Singh, Ileana D'Cruz as Sweety, Karan's girlfriend and Charan's fiancée, Athiya Shetty as Binkle, Charan's girlfriend and Karan's fiancée, Neha Sharma as Nafisa Qureshi, Rahul Dev as Binkle's father, Karan Kundra as Binkle's brother, Ratna Pathak as Jeeto, Karan's adoptive mother and Bua, Anil Mange as Chintu, Pavan Malhotra as Baljeet, Charan's adoptive father and chacha, Krishan Tandon as Babaji.

Director: Anees Bazmee

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Aness Bazmee has made some cult comedy movies such as No Entry, Welcome, Singh is King but Mubarak disastrously fails to be an addition to the cult. 

Even though the former movies were criticality recieved by critics they were a highly appreciated and enjoyed by the general public. A major reason to contain that success were talented actors like Nana Patelar, Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor. But when you make a film with an actor with meagre acting skills and a trail of flops, Arjun Kapoor, the movie is doomed to hit rock bottom. 

It is basically an comedy of errors with so much chaos and conundrum that even actors seemed confused with the script. The movie revolves around an ill defined plot built around two twin brothers named Karan and Charan  who got separated during their childhood due sad demise of their parents. 

Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) gives one child to his aunt in London and the other one to his uncle in Punjab. The confusion commences when the two who grew apart in different  parts of the world meet and are about to get married. Charan's marriage is fixed with Binkle, the daughter of their business partner, but he has a girlfriend Nafisa. Due to some tiff between Charan's uncle and the business partner Binkle's wedding gets fixated with Karan. Believe me, it dosen't end there. Karan who is in love with Sweety, becomes Charan's fiancé, who is now in love with Binkle but wait he also has a girlfriend Nafisa. 

Being a bollywood movie it adheres to  so called "family values and principles" which simply means don't defy the will of your parents and by no means have a girlfriend/boyfriend. 

To add to the same the hideous picture that Bazmee has painted of Sikhs is blatantly offensive. He has used stupidity, loudness and merrymaking to sum them all. Weak plot accompanied with a poor script and Arjun Kapoor does irrecoverable damages to the movie. 

Watch it on your own risk!

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