Half Girlfriend (2017)

half girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

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2Hr 15min   Romance, Drama

Half Girlfriend Lead Cast : Arjun Kapoor as Madhav Jha, Shraddha Kapoor as Riya Somani, Vikrant Massey as Shailesh, Rhea Chakraborty. Seema Biswas, Felix Shindraj

Director: Mohit Suri


The story revolves around two college students of St. Stephens College, Delhi University. The protagonist, Madhav Jha from Bihar who got his admission in the reputable college on basis of his excellence in sports falls in love with a high-class Delhi girl, Riya Somani. Madhav is a humble, down to earth guy with a Bhojpuri accent finding his way in an alien city, Delhi. He belongs to a simple family while Riya is from an opulent high-class family.

The story gyrates around the problem of new age people of being a commitment phobic. Riya and Madhav being poles apart from each other have no chance of being together. While Madhav is very attracted towards Riya. His infatuation turned into love and he desperately wanted Riya to be his girlfriend. She is being a person who is phobic to relationships denies being with him. Thus, to evade having the status of girlfriend; she agrees to become his ‘Half Girlfriend’.

Basketball and music the only common points between them brought them closer but, soon things take a turn when Madhav tries to get intimate with her. She gets offended and tells him not to talk to her anymore. Madhav extremely heartbroken and shattered leaves Delhi and goes back to his hometown after learning the fact that his college love, Riya was getting married to a rich businessman man, Rohan. Rohan and Riya were childhood friends who got married to each other and settled down in London.
Madhav on returning to his city, devotes all his energy into helping his mother Rani Sahiba, who runs a school. After seeing the dilapidated condition of the school, Madhav decides to meet the MLA Ojha for financial help. Ojha out rightly denies helping them. He then gets to know about the visit of Bill Gates to the schools of Bihar. Madhav with determination decides to talk to Bill Gates for help in raising funds. To have a conversation with Bill Gates, he needed to prepare a speech in English.

In course of his struggle, he comes across Riya, who is now a divorcee. She helps him learn English to deliver his speech to Bill Gates and for raising funds for the school. Amidst the rekindling love which got lost in the hustle bustle of college, Riya learns that Madhav's mother doesn’t approve of her and decides to abscond from Madhav's life. She leaves a note for Madhav explaining her ailing condition and that she had only three more months left. Madhav in search of her tried to track her down but gets to know that she has disconnected herself from India and has disappeared. He was left devastated as he realizes that she died. After three years, through journals, he assimilates that she isn’t dead and lied about her having cancer. After extensive research, Madhav tracks her down in a Jazz Event and confesses his love for her.

This story aptly describes our current generations’ dilemma about idea of a relationship. The movie based on Chetan Bhagat’s Novel ‘Half Girlfriend’ is a true depiction of the mindset and thought process of teenagers and youngsters. They are confused and full of fear; fear of falling in love; confusion of making the right and ultimate choice. They are not ready to get into a commitment and abide by the promises and some restrictions laid down in a relationship.
The story does irritate in a while to know how somebody can get so confused for a person who loves you unconditionally. On the other hand, it justifies the gap between Madhav and Riya; phobia she had for relationships and commitments. As the story starts and her denial for becoming a girlfriend doesn’t throw a single ray of hope to their happy ending but the unrequited, pure love Madhav had for Riya brings them together.


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