Fukrey Returns (2017)

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fukrey return

Fukre Returns Lead CastPulkit Samrat as Hunny (Vikas Gulaati), Varun Sharma as Choocha (Dilip Singh), Ali Fazal as Zafar, Manjot Singh as Lali, Priya Anand as Priya, Richa Chadda as Bholi Punjaban, Vishakha Singh as Neetu Singh, Bhupesh Rai as Bhuppa Ali, Pankaj Tripathi as Pandit, Ashraful Haque as Shakiya (stealer of Lali's bike), Anurag Arora as Narco Officer, Ajay Trehan as Inspector Khanna, Pooja Kalra as Fat woman on bus, V.K. Sharma as Honey's Teacher in School, Smarty as Young boy in Gurudwara, S.K. Lalwani as Zafar's Dad, Kumkum Ajit Kumar Das as Zafar's mother, Divya Phadnis as Shalu, Tejeshwar Singh as Monty, Sanjeeya Vats as Lottery Seller, Shijkant as Minister's P.A, Arun Verma as Pradhan, Jatinder Bakshi as Jagrata Singer, Mehak Manwani as Lali's girlfriend in the college, Michael Obidke as Eddie
Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba




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Fukrey returns picks up the story a year after its first instalment in 2013. Hunny ( Pulkit Samrat), Choocha (Varun Sharma) and Lali (Manjot Singh) are now in college whereas Zafar (Ali Faizal) is engrossed in his music and his girlfriend and Pandit, their college watchman is a part of the gang. The love stories remain the same. Choocha now has the power of seeing the future and the story thus moves forward. Little did they see coming, the Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadda) is out of jail to bring the gang back together and make their lives miserable. Bholi punjaban is all set to take her revenge with her servants and make the lives of the guys a living hell.

Fukrey Returns is being wildly discredited for not living up to the people’s expectations from the first one. It’s been said out to have a lack of effortless humor and giggles. What it does have are a lot of ideas, a stretched up plot, a snake, a tigress and her cub, money-laundering scam, dirty politics, and of course a treasure hunt. Despite all this Fukrey seems to doing well at the box office with the opening weekend earning over 19 crores. So it probably won’t be such such a bad decision to check it out this week.

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