Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade runner

Blade runner 2049

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2Hr 45min   Sci-Fi, Thriller

Lead Cast : Ryan Gosling as K / Joe, Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, Ana de Armas as Joi, Sylvia Hoeks as Luv, Robin Wright as Lt. Joshi, Mackenzie Davis as Mariette, Carla Juri as Dr. Ana Stelline, Lennie James as Mister Cotton, Dave Bautista as Sapper Morton, Jared Leto as Niander Wallace, David Dastmalchian as Coco, Barkhad Abdi as Doc Badger, Hiam Abbass as Freysa, Wood Harris as Nandez,

Director: Denis Villeneuve


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Blade Runner 2049 is the kind of movie which makes you want to salute the people who can create mind boggling sequels even after 3 decades of its original Blade Runner in 1982. With splendid acting, a gripping story line and daunting CGI, the movie is everything the audience loves about fiction.

Gosling plays “K” an LAPD cop in 2049 whose sole purpose is to eradicate old generation
bioengineered humans called ”replicants”, who are now considered rogue. K lives with his companion “Joi” as lovers fully aware that they are just androids with implanted false memories. On his mission, K reaches Las Vegas and has a discovery which initiates the main plot of the movie. K meets Rick Dekkerd (Harrison Ford) a cop from the previous movie, who is been in hiding for the past 30 years. Further, K discovers that androids have started reproducing which was sought to be impossible. Then comes the bad guy who wants the technology to himself. The antagonist, Wallace (Jared Leto) who is also the creator of these androids doesn’t want anybody else finding out about the recent discovery of android reproduction as he couldn’t give his androids that ability which would have made his task a lot easier.

Brilliantly directed, produced and cinematographed, the Blade Runner 2049 is a must watch to all
the fans of its prequel. People everywhere are gushing about it and it has already made its mark on
the box office. Combining action, drama and romance, this movie is one to check out this weekend.

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