Best Way to Find a Flatmate

Best Way to Find a Flatmate

We have discovered a mindboggling way to find yourself a flatmate or the best way to find a flatmate.
If you are thinking about any website or any typical Flat and Flatmate group on facebook, you are wrong.

Nipun Madan who is co - founder of Sadak Chaap published a self made video featuring him and only himself. (Sadak Chaap is a youtube channel by two bikers covering custom build scenes,biking events, places to eat and explore in delhi and lots more. Nazar sadak par!)

In the video he seems to talk about all the pros and cons of his own flat situated at Chattarpur area in New Delhi. The video is funny and quirky and also is going viral with almost 50+ shares and 300+ likes.

We at Soopinio, loved the idea, the execution and are in love with the final product the video below.

The Video:

The Video is cleverly made and demands respect for the pure creativity, talent and potential that Nipun has.

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